Reflections of parenting in a “never enough” culture.

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During a much-needed time of growth, I began reading Brene Brown’s bestseller Daring Greatly. I expected to get more insight into being a better leader however I learned more about my personal beliefs when it came to parenting. Truth, there are so many good lessons in this book I could probably read it over and over and get something new from it every time.

When COVID19 hit in the U.S., I along with many other parents sat at home with their children working, schooling, entertaining, and many other jobs unpaid. All of those jobs under one roof with very little…

Emotions are like a roller coaster

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It happened again, someone said something and it pierced through the heart like an arrow. Now the heat begins to rise through your hands up your arms and over to your neck. Your throat tightens and your eyes start to water some. At this point, you can either scream out in rage or run away with tears showing from your eyes. What if there was a way to regain control of your emotions? Would you be willing to do the work?

Emotions make you feel out of control and uncomfortable, not many people enjoy those feelings. …

Perfection and Money stunt creativity

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Since July of 2020, I have submitted articles for others to read out of the pure joy of just being able to write on a platform and call myself a “writer”. With a couple of articles accepted through publications, the excitement of publishing each week added fuel to the passion for writing.

Within the past few months, I noticed a decrease in submitting articles and even completing one. I looked into my draft box and realized I have about 10 articles started but not finished. Writer's block, maybe, but I have not fallen short of topics to write about. …

It is not too late to make a change in behavior.

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As a parent, there is no one right way to make decisions. You have to learn to listen really well and pay close attention to a lot of different things at once. I am starting to believe this whole parenting gig is a way for a higher being to make you relive your childhood all over again, just in a different time frame.

In schools, there is a lot of talk about the “no bullying” policy. A parent’s worst fear is that their child will be the target of a cruel and heartless joke or even worse, physical actions. But…

Do you fit into this box? Most likely the answer is No!

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It goes to say most women who dream of getting married have that vision of the picture-perfect relationship. Marrying a partner who is your best friend. Blah Blah Blah. I am not a skeptic, there are those scenarios, but for the average relationship your partner is not your best friend and most likely you are going above and beyond to please someone you are still getting to learn more about every day.

As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves to live up to those expectations put on us by society or nowadays social media. You know the perfectly…

Yes, he tells me and invites me. Confidence is key.

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It all started with the infamous HOOTERS chain. The bright tiny orange shorts and the tight white tank tops with the logo printed across the chest of each lady. Eyes up gentlemen the women would prefer you to look them in the eyes while they take your order. Um, yeah not really. This was probably one of the best marketing techniques for men by men. Men know what men like, haven’t we been saying the same thing for years, ladies? Women know what women like. It is pretty easy to…

Society puts pressure on people to take the next step.

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Marriage is seen as a stepping stone in life for most people. You meet someone and start dating, continue for however long it takes you to say they are “the one” and maybe somewhere in there you move in together, and then you take the NEXT STEP to say I DO!

We are taught to treat our journey of a relationship as if you are jumping from one rock to another across a shallow creek. When you reach the other side of the creek its open fields with beautiful flowers…

I am no widow. This journey came with no warning signs.

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As a little girl, I remember thinking about marriage. Imaging the big white dress with rose petals under my feet and a handsome man staring at me while my father walks me down the aisle. We would take the next steps and purchase a home and start a family and live happily ever after. Cue the Disney movie ending of Cinderella.

This of course was my ten-year-old self being naive to thinking relationships were easy where, man loves woman and woman loves man, end of the story. The wonderfully painted picture in all of the movies of the suburban homes…

Reflections of a 40-year friendship.

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It is amazing how life takes a journey and sometimes still ends up back at the same place you started. I believe our journeys are set out paths, ones where the destination is already set but how we get there will be our job. Now of course we all want to get there quick and easy. Yeah, think again! Life is meant to teach you lessons and when the lesson is not learned the first time, it will come back in another life lesson until you learn it. I am not telling you this to…

I am a mom and wife, this stuff is not easy.

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We all know right now things are crazy and not normal and most of us are begging for things to go back to some form of normal. Well sorry to break the news but that will never happen. On top of it everyone keeps using the term “this is the new normal”, okay yeah we get that too. However, the past stays in the past for a reason and if you wish to make it to your future you are going to have to ADJUST. …

Carrie Tawil

Writer of life journeys, parenting, relationships, and growth. A mom and partner to someone who keeps me on my toes. Listen.learn.grow

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